Gastronomy in Trogir

George Bernard Shaw once said that „there was no greater love than the love for food“.
It’s not only buildings and history what makes this town; it lives through its scents and colors, flavors and sounds, through all those perfect dishes created in its long and rich history. The gastronomy of Trogir is a typical Mediterranean one, with lots of fish and seafood, olive oil, cheese, pršut (smoked Dalmatian ham), and various meat dishes.

But the local identity of Trogir is accomplished through two typical dishes, ‘pašticada’ and ‘rafijol’. They taste best if you have them in a ‘konoba’ (a Dalmatian tavern). Don’t forget to try some of the autochthon Dalmatian wines, like ‘Pošip’, ‘Babić’, ‘Postup’, ‘Faros’ and many others.